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Hi! My name is Jennifer.

At parties you'll usually find me wherever the dogs or cats are.

I am here to pet [and paint!] all the animals!


I create unique and lovingly handmade portraits with a fully customizable commission experience for people who really love their pets.


Portraits aren’t just for your wall! They can follow you into your everyday, whether it be on your morning coffee mug or as a key chain on your keys!

I started my creative career as a professional photographer but its blossomed into something so much more. I've found my true calling in celebrating your pets.


Chewy was my best friend of 12 years and my inspiration. He started this pet portrait journey with me, sitting on my lap as I created my very first paid piece. As I continue down this path I think of him often. I know he'd still be sitting by my side trying to eat the brushes and pencils as I work. His portrait sits on my desk, watching over me always.


Chewy, drawing my first paid portrait with me in 2016.

Art & creativity are the leading light in my life. I guess you could say the need to create is in my blood.

Growing up I watched the women in my life flourish through their creative activities. My mom made everything from stained glass to beautiful complex quilts. Her zest for learning and expanding her creative abilities has been a great inspiration.  She continues her creative journey through knitting and has begun to learn how to spin her own yarn! My paternal grandmother painted with oils for years. I have a couple of her paintings hanging in my house and they bring me so much joy! In fact, she was the one who exposed me to the idea of a pet portrait. When I was a child she made a portrait of our dear family cat Fang, after he passed away. It still hangs in my parents house today. Being able to see a lovingly created painting everyday, of a beautiful soul we all missed so much, brought great comfort and revived happy memories. My hope is to provide that same feeling to you through the portraits I create.


Head on over to the Pet Portraits section to see what I've been creating !


If you'd like one of your own, you can place your order here .

I'm always up for a chat! If you want to get to know me more or have any questions you'd like to discuss, contact me here or DM through instagram!

Enjoy some sweet faces!


Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography with a Minor in Art History

SUNY Purchase College Class of 2010


Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC

Since 2015

For Photo Sales and Licensing, please visit:

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