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Hi, Jen here!


Creative artist and official #kittymom to Marvin and Gizmo (my best buds). 


Since 2016, I’ve brought hundreds of countless pets, plants, even mushrooms to life-in-color.    


My accurate depiction of people’s furry loved ones have quickly become a beloved favorite. 

You deserve pieces that capture the true essence of 
your furry soulmate

I believe animals are the unsung heroes of our lives (true companions that feel like family). 

So you should have a customized piece to celebrate the relationship you have with them, right?

When I’m not in my studio painting doggos, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs named Penelope and wildlife…


I’m barefoot in nature with a black cup of coffee in hand. 

Animals have always been drawn to me...

I’ve been a mother-earth-lover my entire life. Watching birds with Grandpa while feeding the squirrels from their back deck was an exciting weekend event.  


Growing up we had lots of reptiles, amphibians, fish, cats, even a “turtle room”…


And I was always the girl glued to other peoples’ dogs at family holiday parties (how could you ever turn down a pet and tail-wag?). 


My drive to create pet portraits was born from Chewy. 


The fur-kid who always greeted me with a hug, a pur and a kiss–especially when I needed him most. 


A longtime best bud through high school who loved me back to life in my 20s. 


(always at my side or two steps behind me) 


The grief of losing him broke me open but also deepened my creative journey, eventually igniting my business, Jennifer Schiano Studio.  


Painting mother nature with all her beautiful creatures, cycles and purpose woven together became a healing balm. 


Today, when I’m not painting human’s most cherished family members (their pets!),  I’m behind-the-studio illustrating my first childrens’ book. You can find my work scattered in shops throughout the local New Jersey/New York area.

When people share the love they have for their pets, their quirks and life stories—I can’t help but see the joy in their faces as a true gift. 


That magic lives on when you have a custom piece that *actually* resembles your best friend.

These paw-parents are over-the-fence with their custom art…


Kyana “It perfectly showcases my beloved Wrenny, even down to her personality - thanks to the attention to detail in her face” 


Lisa  “I want to thank you for the gorgeous painting of my precious Rio. I have been just devastated since losing her a few weeks ago, and it meant so much to me that Mandy did this for me, and I just love it so much - I can't stop staring at her little face. You really captured her. So thank you so much. Your art is beautiful! Just wanted you to know that it's helping somebody through a really difficult time.” 


Alex “When looking for a portrait for my mother of her cat and dog, I ran across countless talented artists that all felt the same. So when I saw Jennifer's take on pet portraits I was immediately sold-- the combination of custom pet portraits on natural material was breathtaking, my mom thought so too!” 


Beverly “My cousin and his wife loved the magnet!  They got a little teary-eyed and put it right on the fridge. Thank you!” 


Hillary “I have purchased portraits, Christmas tree ornaments, a sign, stickers, mugs and a keychain. I love every piece I have ever purchased. You really capture the personality of the pet you are painting.  The paintings are warm and a great monument to the pets in our lives. Even though it is a painting the animals eyes show warmth and with the research you do before beginning you do a great job including individual markings and quality’s these animals have. “

My creative journey has also been featured in places like…

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to…


  • Celebrate your deep love for a pet

  • Honor an animal that transformed your life 

  • Wrap up for family or friends (a keepsake they’ll have for a lifetime)

Order a high-quality, handmade pet portrait of your own

For custom illustrations and wholesale orders…

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